1. Are the marquees waterproof?

All of our marquees are made of commercial highest quality waterproof/water-resistant PVC/PE material. Water may enter the marquee if the site has uneven ground surface. Occasionally you may also develop condensation within the marquee with wintery conditions.

2. Do I need flooring in the marquee?

No, it is not essential that you have flooring within your marquee unless your marquee is likely to be held in bad weather conditions. If your ground does not have good drainage, then we recommend wooden floor which is slightly raised. This will prevent puddles inside the marquee.

3. Are marquees suitable for winter events?

Absolutely. Marquees are suitable throughout the year, and when inquiring about a marquee, we will always advise on the best marquee and equipment to best suit your needs.
During the winter months, we would always advise that you hire one of our heaters to go with your marquee and in most cases hard wood flooring and PVC carpet to ensure that your event is dry, comfortable and warm.

4. Can I decorate the marquee myself?

Of course –  the ability to decorate a marquee is one of the unique selling points for choosing a marquee over our competitors. We welcome customers to decorate their marquees, however we request that decorations are not stapled or taped onto the marquee surface and that all decorations are removed prior to the day of take-down. Please advise us on what decorations you would like to use and we will advise how you can use them.

5. Are your marquees safe?

Our marquees suitable for all the necessary British and European Safety Standards. The manufacturer of all our marquee are British fire-rated BS 5438 and BS 7837.

6. What size marquee do I need?

Please see our size list on the Marquee Hire page where it highlights the number of guest you can fit in each marquee or contact us for help. Generally a 4mx6m area will seat 30 guests or have up to 35-40 standing. Please note our size list does not account for dance floors, bars,  catering tables. Please take this into account when trying to decide which size is right for your event.

7. What is the latest point I can hire a marquee?

We do take bookings right up to the week of the event although we recommend booking in advance as we do get booked out for most of the year. The earlier you book the more flexible we can be with set up and take down days, plus there may be more favourable discounts.

8. Are site visits chargeable?

No charges for local visits, though site visits may be chargeable subject to event criteria and needs. Any initial site visit charges will be credited to the customers account and can be used as part of the booking payment. Site visit charges are only refunded if a booking is made with us.

8. At what stage would you come out for a site visit?

Most small events do not require a site visit however if the event venue has complications that cannot be resolved in our booking process or it is a larger more complex event, then we would usually provide a site visit. All site visits would be at the earliest convenience after we receive all event and venue information.

9. Why is it important for the client to be there on day of install?

It is important for the client to be there to make sure everything is to there satisfaction, to see demonstrations on using the equipment, to notify us of any site issues or potential problems, to answer any questions about electrics or other services, to sign documents on completion and to make any outstanding payments.

10. Can the marquee be connected to the building?

Our marquees can serve as an ‘extension’ or awning to a building if the space is suitable. Covered walkways are also possible. We are never able to connect a marquee fully to a building but we will work to erect the marquee, as close to the building as possible so only a very small gap is visible. Please note that if there are gas flues or other extractors on the wall then we will have to move the marquee up to 2ft-4ft away from the building.

11. Can marquees be erected on uneven ground?

In some instances we will be able to erect a marquee on slightly uneven ground using ‘extension legs’. This technique will ensure that the marquee is erected level, but the ground will still be uneven underneath.

12. Can marquees be opened in warm weather?

Yes. The walls of our marquees can be opened and secured quickly and easily. Please see our gallery sections for some examples of open marquees.

13. Does my marquee require all sides to be on?

Generally we always leave all of the sides on the marquee so they can be opened and closed bearing in mind the weather and health & safety. There may be some exceptions made upon risk assessment on the day of the event. For example: The walls could be left off of all sides of the marquee if the weather conditions were fine. It would not be suitable to remove individual sides of the marquee as this could create a sail effect. We cannot guarantee removal of any walls before the day of the event.

14. What is the distance between each leg around the outside of the marquee?

Our standard marquees are 2 meters, and have bays which are 3 meters.

Furniture & Equipment

1. Can I hire furniture?

Yes, we have a wide range of furniture for hire with your marquee. Furniture is also available for hiring separately.
2. How many guests can I seat around a table?
As a general rule of thumb:
8-10 around a 6ft rectangle table
6 around a 5ft rectangle table
8-10 around a 5ft round table
4-6 around a 4ft round table

3. Do high heels get stuck in PVC matting?

Very rarely but it is possible – PVC matting is one of our most popular flooring choices due to its effectiveness and durability.

4. Do we need a generator?

If you do not have a power source on your site then you would require a generator. We can advice you on where to hire from upon your enquiry.

5. Do we need a heater?

During the summer months it is not always necessary for a heater, unless you have chosen a particularly large marquee for use during the evening.
During the colder months we would always advise customer to use a heater. We will be able to recommend the correct type and size of heater at your time of enquiry. In the event of snowfall then you must keep your marquee heated to 12 degrees celsius to prevent snow settling on the roof of the marquee.

6. Does the chandelier provide enough light?

Yes, chandeliers will provide enough light, also this will be the most attractive product in the marquee.

7. Can I just hire a heater or other equipment from you but not the marquee?

We do hire out equipment independently but we hold back a certain amount of our stock to go with our marquees. In summer, we do have more equipment than the winter. Please enquire about availability.

Payments and Hiring Policy

1. How much do i need to pay for deposit?

10%-25% deposit and we will issue you with an invoice which provides acknowledgment of your acceptance. We ask for a deposit as a way of receiving full commitment to hire the marquee.
Deposits are non-refundable.

2. When must I make my final payment?

Final payment must be paid in full on marquee erection/set-up. If you wish to pay by cheque, then payment must be made 10 working days in advance of your set-up so that the final payment can be cleared in time.

3. Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Alterations to accessory requirements can be made no later than 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability. Marquee alterations are flexible and are based on our terms and conditions. Should you wish to cancel any items from within the contract then our cancellation policy applies. Please see our Terms and Conditions below for further details.

4. How long is your marquee hire period?

Our marquee hire period is 1-20 days. If you require your marquee to be hired over a longer period of time we have a very reasonable extended hire price charge, which will be accurately calculated within your original quote.

5. When will you set-up and take down my marquee?

Typically on the day or we would set-up a day before your event and a day after your event.

6. Is there damage waiver charge.

There is no damage waiver charge before booking, however if there any damages to marquee/equipments – this would be calculated after the event.


1. Can you suggest venues?

We work closely with a selection of venues and would be pleased to recommend them where appropriate.

2. Do you have insurance cover?

Yes. We hold public liability insurance.

3. Could a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

Damage is possible if cabling or pipe work is near the surface. This should be discussed at the site consultation. The hire charges are based on the assumption that no drains, cables or other services are buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed.

4. Will a marquee damage our garden?

Grass that has been covered for several days will temporarily turn a shade of yellow but should recover within 15 days. We are always very careful not to damage plants and flower beds if included in a marquee but would ask that any shrubs, plants or other materials that are obstructing the site and entrance to the site are removed before our arrival.